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Adding content to playlists in a course module
Adding content to playlists in a course module

How to add content to your playlists

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You will need to be signed in as a teacher and be in the course module where you would like to add the playlist.

How do you add content to my playlist?

  1. Click on the dropdown menu. You can add:

  • Content, which allows you to,

    • add content with a url from around the web.

    • Search existing content on Neutopia

    • Upload from your device.

  • Section: a 'section' allows you to group content under a section heading.
    Slides: a 'slide' is a text editor page. You can add text and images into this page

  • Task or goals: allows you to create tasks for your learners to complete

  • Quizzes: allows you to test the learners knowledge

How do you change the order of items in my playlist?

  1. Open the playlist and you can reorder the items by click and hold, then drag.

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