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See what tagging is and how to tag and follow tags

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What is tagging?

Tagging attaches a keyword to a piece of content to organize it for search and so it can be discovered.

How do you tag a piece of content?

  1. Add tags when you add content to Neutopia.

  2. If you want to add multiple tags press the enter key or comma after each word.

What are Author tags?

You can add the name of an author (or speaker) to the content as well as the topic. Type their name into the author tag field.  Multiple names are allowed if the content features multiple people.

Adding author tags will provide better recommendations.

What is an interest (tag) results page?

When you click on a tag it will show you a page with content with that tag. You can filter the page by 'trending' and 'latest' content. This way, you can explore interests and content.

How do you follow a tag?

By following a tag you will see more content in your activity feed that has that tag.

  1. Click the follow button to the right of the tag name at the top of the tag results page.

The content library help section shows you how to use the content library step by step.

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