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Playlists locking & visibility
Playlists locking & visibility

When to make a playlist visible or private

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Why would you want to lock a playlist?

A teacher for example, may choose to give learners a portion of their curriculum; however they may choose to keep the rest of the course hidden until the learners complete the first part of the course.

Locked playlist

Playlist Locking

You can set a playlist to be locked or unlocked.

  • An unlocked playlist can be opened by anyone

  • A locked playlist can only be opened by the owner and collaborators of the playlist.  Everyone else will see a dimmed playlist thumbnail with a padlock icon and will not have access.

Playlist Visibility

You can set playlist visibility to public or private.

  • Public means anyone can see your playlist.

  • Private means the playlist is only visible to the owner and collaborators of the playlist.

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