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Accessing course content

Accessing your course modules, navigating through modules, downloading content

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How do you find your course modules?

Access your course from the content library or by clicking on 'My courses' on the top navigation bar.

  1. Select your course ( in this example, the course is accessed from the top navigation bar).

  2. Select 'Modules' tab in the course homepage.

  3. Modules you have access to are clickable

  4. If you see a module with lock symbol this means you don't currently have access and your teacher will unlock at the appropriate time

How do you navigate through your modules?

Navigating through your modules is easy;

  1. Click on the content on the course navigation, on the right hand side

  2. Or click on the 'Previous and next' buttons at the bottom of the content

What Types of content can you find in course modules?

  • PDFs

  • Videos

  • Powerpoints

  • Quizzes

What type of content can you download?

You can download PDFs to read locally

  1. Click on the download icon at the top of the PDF in the course content page.

How to achieve progress

  • PDFs - Must scroll to the last page of the PDF

  • Videos - Must watch 100% of the video

  • Quizzes - Must complete the quiz and see the results screen

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