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How to add content. See what type of content can be uploaded

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How do you add content?

You can add content from 2 locations:

  1. Top navigation bar.

  2. Your profile.

Adding content from the top navigation bar

  1. Click on the plus button in the top navigation bar, a pop-up form will show to add the content.

  2. Copy and paste a url or upload a file (10 mb limit).

Adding content from your profile

  1. Click on your profile.

  2. Select content on the dropdown menu

  3. Click on add content, a pop-up form will show to add the content.

  4. Copy and paste a url or upload a file (10 mb limit)

Add new content

What type of content can you add from the web?

You can add:

  • videos from Youtube and Vimeo

  • audio files from SoundCloud

  • amazon books 

  • SlideShare presentations

  • articles & websites

If an image is not automatically embedded with an article or website you can manually upload an image.

You can also add events from 

  • Or any type of file that has an URL, such as Zoom, Meetup and Google hangouts.

What type of content can I upload from my device?

Neutopia currently supports adding the following file types from your device into your projects

  • pdf

  • gif

  • jpg

  • png

  • jpeg

  • mp3

  • mp4 - only sound

The following file types can be uploaded and downloaded but will not be viewable on the platform.

  • doc

  • excel

  • ppt

The size limitation for files uploaded from your device is 10 mb

The content library help section shows you how to use the content library step by step.

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