How do I add content?

You can add content from 3 locations.

  1. From the dropdown in the top navigation by copy and pasting a url or uploading a file (10 mb limit)

2. From your profile/content tab where it says “add content” 

3. Using the chrome browser button

What type of content can I add from the web?

You can add:

  • videos from Youtube and Vimeo
  • audio files from SoundCloud
  • amazon books 
  • SlideShare presentations
  • articles & websites

If an image is not automatically embedded with an article or website you can manually upload an image.

You can also add events from 

For both of these sites, you'll need to manually upload an image.

What type of content can I upload from my device?

Neutopia currently supports adding the following file types from your device into your projects

mp4 - only sound

The following file types can be uploaded and downloaded but will not be viewable on the platform.


The size limitation for files uploaded from your device is:

10 mb

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