Creating courses

Creating courses and sending invitations

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How do you create a course?

There are two ways to create a course;

Create a course from your courses page:

  1. Click on my courses on the top navigation menu.

  2. Select all courses.

  3. Click on create new course

  4. Fill out the pop-up form with the course information

Create a course from your profile page:

  1. Click on create content on the dropdown menu under your profile.

  2. Select the courses tab.

  3. Click Create Course.

4. fill-out the pop-up form with the course information.

How do I invite students, mentors, teachers to a course?

Only the owner of a course can invite people into it.

  1. On the course tile click the "invite people to join' button

  2. Enter their email address; to invite multiple people at one time separate emails with a comma.

  3. In the roles dropdown specify:

  •  student

  •  teacher

  •  mentor

You can also invite people to the course from inside the course.

  1. Go to the 'members' tab.

  2. Then click 'invite to join' for either a 

  •  student

  •  teacher

  •  mentor

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