What is Neutopia

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Neutopia is a learning and community engagement platform that engages learners, alumni, teachers and community members throughout their long-life learning and development journey. Neutopia offers industry news, relevant content, courses, events and groups.

Who is Neutopia for?

Neutopia is for:

  • Learning communities

  • Learning providers

  • Alumni

How do your members start their Neutopia journey?

When your members are invited to Neutopia they start their journey by selecting their interests which personalises their experience by providing relevant content. The content appears on the content library (the community homepage). The members can keep updating their interests during their journey to receive content based on the new interests. The members are able to access courses, find events, find relevant content, find and access groups from the content library and be engaged with their community.

Can you brand your community homepage, courses, groups and events?

Neutopia can be branded to offer the look and feel of your association or key sponsors. You can also style your courses with a banner image and enter a relevant image for each group and event you create.

What sets Neutopia apart?

Neutopia engages, activates and builds your community in one simple, integrated platform that easy for everyone in your community to use.

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