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Information about your course and different course permissions

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What is a course?

A course is a learning program offered by a learning provider.

When you join a course, you will undertake each course module to complete your program and interest requirements. You can add comments on pieces of content within your course and connect with your community and content. The courses at Neutopia deepens your learning experience, and stimulate interest in staying engaged.

What are the tabs in a course?

When you access your course you will start on the course homepage where you can find all your course tabs:

  • Home: the information about your course is published here.

  • Discussion: you can discuss and post any information relevant to your course and interests here. Your teacher will also post notifications about the course on the Discussion feed. You can be engaged and post and reply to any post.

  • Modules: the content of your course is classified in modules (units).

  • Projects: you can create project and have the visibility mode public or private. Public - anyone who has access to the course can view the project.

    Private - the project is only visible to the owner and collaborators of the project.

  • Task: you will be able to complete and upload the task and goals assigned by your teacher.

  • Progress: you can view your progress and the progress of all the members in the course here.

What are the different course user permissions?

  • Viewers: students.

  • Contributors: mentors.

  • Managers: teachers.

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